4 stepsMany people find themselves in a dilemma after they buy some Apple device like an iPhone 3GS. They find that it has too many restrictions, and they feel like they can’t get the “true” 3G experience.

No doubt Apple devices are very popular, but a lot of people believe that once they get themselves the 3GS, that they should be able to use it without any limitations placed by Apple or anyone else.

New applications can only be purchased over iTunes, and the decision about what product will be available on there is not always based on security or quality.

Now many have heard about jailbreaking, maybe you as well, but most are not sure if they could do it themselves at all; and they don’t know why they should even be doing it in the first place.

Let me explain it for all of you: First of all, in most countries this is not illegal if you don´t use it to abuse copyrights. Secondly, there are several good reasons why you should do it.

meet cydiaOn jailbroken devices you can get the so called repo’s from Cydia, which is a semi-monitored app store that can only be accessed once it has been jailbroken.

You can customize and personalize your phone with different themes and interfaces that are available for this purpose. You can do it by choosing different wallpapers, settings, icons and much more.

A good example is a Chinese alphabet you can install if you need it, which is much better than an original English version (only goes for Chinese citizens of course!).

On Cydia you will find many interesting and useful applications and tweaks, such as iSwipe, that can help you to type without moving your finger from a screen, since it recognizes the letters based on the changes of direction. iCaughtU will take pictures of a person that enters the incorrect password, and you can set it to email it to you. That way you can find out who is trying to use the phone. You can also get many games that will never be allowed on iTunes, such as Super Mario.

tweak it

One more reason why people jailbreak is to change a carrier. As you know, these devices are rather expensive, and one way to get a cheaper one is to get one that is coded to be used only with certain carrier. If you jailbreak it however, you can then use the repo called UltraSn0w, which unlocks it for you and makes it available to any carrier. (Note: This only works on IOS 3 and IOS 4 firmware, anything above that has been patched, and UltraSn0w won’t work).

we are customizingAs you can see, there are plenty of ways to boost your overall experience with this phone. They vary from simple customizations and tweaks, downloading some apps that are not allowed otherwise; to some ethical dilemmas such as whether Apple should control the way you use it once you bought it and paid a substantial amount of money for it.

There is not one answer that will satisfy everyone, and no doubt many will be satisfied with their phone that runs on the factory settings, but no one can blame you if you want more out of it and start getting it jailbroken and then using Cydia to achieve that.